I’ve added a new function to my MDTApplicationTools PowerShell module, called Rename-MDTApplication. The function renames MDT applications, with an optional parameter to rename the applications source directory as well.

Renaming an application via MDT’s GUI usually is pretty easy, so why the function? While renaming an application in MDT works OK, it was missing a bit of functionality that I wanted, which was to also rename the application’s source directory. Via the GUI if I were to rename APP1 to APP2,the name would change to APP2 in MDT, but the source and workingdirectory would still point to .\Applications\APP1. Now with this function, I can safely go back and rename my applications, knowing that my source directories will match their application names.

If you’d like to install the module, head over to MDTApplicationTools project page and checkout the README. If you already have the module installed (and are also running PowerShell 5), just run Update-Module -Name MDTApplicationTools to get the latest version.



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